Friday, May 30, 2008

Good idea

My hubbie forwarded this funny to me.. Honestly, it's not a bad idea!! I'm becoming a hermit because I can't afford to leave the house!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mr & Mrs Robinson

Saturday was such an amazing day for Heather & Andrew. There had been some worry about the weather, but it turned out to be PERFECT - not too hot & no rain in sight. They got married near Belle Isle in Richmond, VA & would you please check out their ceremony spot!! Groovy baby!Heather may have been nervous before I got there, but she was super calm & under control as the time was getting closer.
And Andrew was super groom - he definitely gets the award. He was there bright & early getting the location all dressed up & managed to get himself all GQ!
yum.. she gets an award too for working it like this just minutes before her descent!
Heather & Andrew wrote their own vows, and it was very touching to hear their own language with one another... it is such a crazy special thing to be able to witness such personal moments between two people so publicly.
Magazine material right here -
Full sun is becoming my buddy.
And check out where they held the reception.. AWESOME!!!
Both Andrew's brother & Heather's sister made some really sweet toasts
Here's to you Mrs Robinson!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bethany & Jared

This past Friday afternoon I met Bethany & Jared over at Pullen Park. Bethany dabbles in photography when she's not teaching school in Charlotte, so I knew I really had to bring it. Jared is from Texas & even though I didn't see the boots, he's a cowboy baby!! I just had to supply the horses- As the day progressed, I found out Bethany is as fascinated with trains as a 2 year old.. tee hee. When I first met with them, it was all business but to my delight it turns out that they are coo coo birds - and anyone who knows me, knows I treasure that in a person!!
I used to be terrified of photographing anyone in the full sun... but now it's just a beautiful thing to me!! You can't get color like this in the shade.
More train action
So, I didn't have anything to do with this. Jared told me to photograph them on the bridge, and they broke out into dance!! I love that in a model - a vision!!
sexy. and would you look at their eyes?!
i love stalker moments
I actually got this shot on the first try, but I made Jared do it 3 times!! haha! It was just fun watching him jump ok?!
Bethany & Jared have beautiful ways in which they compliment one another & compromise together. This was Jared's portion of the day - to rock out on his drums. He's been in several bands, and just rocked the park out. From what I heard, he's super talented. I envy any & every musical ability...
And here's Bethany's portion of the day! She loves bowling, and I have been dying to photograph a couple in a bowling alley forever!! It worked out perfect... and even though it's not Jared's thing, he got funky with it!
I'm not sure why this room is there, but I'm happy it is!! How awesome is this?! yeah.. just a little something called vanishing point. yum to the tum.
Tomorrow I photograph Bethany's bridal, but you'll just have to wait until after their wedding on July 26th to see those!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mr & Mrs Hughes

This past Saturday I photographed Kasey & Matt's wedding, and it was the ideal day. I actually met Kasey through her sister Abby when I photographed Abby's wedding about 4 years ago. Now it's almost time to photograph Abby, Danny & baby! Kasey & Matt got married in Winston-Salem, and Kasey really hooked the day up with her own special touches everywhere. I love it when such a huge affair has such a personal feel. It has been such a personal thing for me to photograph everything for Kasey - from engagement & bridal to wedding. Matt, Kasey & her whole family have been such a pleasure!!OK - HUGE recommendation - SEE EACH OTHER BEFOREHAND. I know there's a lot of tradition with seeing each other for the first time as the bride walks down the aisle.. but let me tell you - when you walk down the aisle, there are A LOT of nerves & things just become a huge blur and once you get to the front, all you can do is look at each - no talking, no embrace - it actually limits your emotions. However, if you see each other beforehand, the two of you meet beforehand in an intimate situation - only you & your groom (and me of course). You get to share your nerves, have a special moment, embrace & re-cooperate. THEN, you get all of the formal pictures done beforehand so you can head straight to the party after the ceremony - which is all you want to do once it's over. It can be tough to spend 1-1.5 hours taking pictures when you just want to party! Your ceremony can be traditional, but please consider this because it's way more practical for you. This is exactly what Kasey & Matt did.
Check out that trolley! I was so excited when Kasey told me a trolley would be involved!
My friend, Ken, shot with me on Saturday & once he has this blogged, I know he's going to have some very tasty moody shots too...
This was very special & I didn't realize what was happening until later. Abby revealed the name of her daughter in her speech to Kasey & even not knowing what was happening, it was still enough to get my eyes a little teary!
They had a huge party, and some awesome dancers... I could have blogged 30 awesome dance shots only!! I didn't think that would really reflect the whole day, but the crowd was definitely energetic!
They almost weren't able to leave, because people went COO COO with the streamers & they could barely get out of all of them!! It was the funniest exit I've seen in a very long time! This picture doesn't even represent the massive web that it was..
Congrats you two & I can't wait to hear about Jamaica!