Friday, August 29, 2008

Mr & Mrs Owen

Saturday August 16th I photographed Rob & Juliet. Juliet is a very mild mannered young lady & incredibly elegant. Rob is mild mannered as well, and super attentive to Juliet. Not being mild mannered myself, it was nice just stepping back & watching the two quietly experience one another. It's awesome being a photographer, especially a wedding photographer. I am welcomed to enter into someone else's world - just to watch & capture the chemistry. I myself have learned how to better relate to different personality types. Some times it's best to be silly to get a reaction, and some times it's best to barely be there... this was one of those days & it was touching.

Juliet had her hair & makeup down at a Salon in Garner, which was saturated in fabulous colors. Love that!
I snagged a cool shot of her artist. Peek a boo
Juliet was trying to decide which card to give Rob. She put a lot of thought into the words she wanted him to see right before they met one another at the altar.
Let's talk about how long that thing is that threads through her dress!! WOAH!
Amanda got his AMAZING stalker shot of Rob while he was getting ready
And Rob sent Juliet over a sweet gift & check out that sweetness on the note
To keep them entertained, the flower girls had a job & they were loving it
Being such a sentimental day, I watched Juliet's dad give her away. There's something about the father giving his daughter's hand over to her new husband.. oh my gosh. Having children myself, it's no wonder even tough fathers turn into mooshy daddies. This is the beginning of a whole new life.. you cry at happy occasions because you know there's a future ahead that you can barely grasp at the moment & the thought of it all fills you.
Every couple has little "things" about them - some times it's easy to see & some times it takes hours & hours to see them. Even though Rob & Juliet quietly absorb one another, they weren't guarded and their little "things" were cute to witness. I love how loosely they held one another's hands.
What?! How precious is this?! Aww man.. The look in her eyes just drips off!!
And then back to reality - Bring me the silly.
Ok.. The ring shot. Rob did not know that this was in a movie when he did it, but he proposed to her by taking this exact piece of ribbon (and yes - he had it in his tux pocket just for the ring shot!!), and sliding her ring down the ribbon onto her finger. The fact that he made it a point to bring that ribbon to the reception for this ring shot is almost as sweet as the proposal itself to me!!
That ring is out of control delicious.
And we end with that sweet daddy of hers.. Look at his eyes. It's that happy cry thing!! Oh geez.. between being there, posting this & it being my own anniversary this weekend - this sentimental stuff is getting to me!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Don't Even Think About It

NO - I do NOT photograph children. BUT, I will do it if you are a really good friend & your husband is willing to assemble furniture for me in return, which just happened to be the case here. My good friend's little girl is turning one year old soon & I took some quick shots for a freaking awesome birthday invite!!
Isn't she the cutest little girl ever?!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mr & Mrs Stall

8.8.08 I photographed Karen & Chad's wedding.. and it was AWESOME!! I had such a fun time with them. Karen is such an amazingly gorgeous person, and Chad is a huge ball of energy - perfect combo for me!! Not to mention they are also dance machines.. professional dance machines. I was destined to be there.

Karen had options - jewelry, dress, etc.. Chad had options too - hair down, hair up
Turns out he figured out a way to check himself out in the camera lens. My good buddy Rebecca photographed him while I was with Karen, and she definitely didn't get bored.
Karen is so elegant, and such an easy model
Chad is uh.. a good model too...
They saw each other before the ceremony & it was a sweet moment
The bridal party was a lot of fun too, and they wore the soles out of their shoes to get this shot
8.8.08 on the cake
So, of course the rings had to reflect the 8 obsession.. They even had the tables arranged in an 8.
This is where all the guests would extend from a large circle & then run in for an attack hug. I love this & want to see it happen more...OK.. it got a little late, and a little silly. You will never see me in front of the camera, but this once I jumped in there with them... and then Chad ran off with my camera, and got some nice self portraits. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it in my camera - look at that intensity.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Morgan's a Senior!

So I need the word to get out that I LOVE photographing senior portraits. And I mean - I LOVE it... well, as long as you want a little something different. This past Monday I photographed Morgan in her home town of Rocky Mount, and we had a blast. She has been dancing since she was 4, so she wanted to capture that in her shots.. She also wants to go into photography herself, and she picked out these locations since I am not at all familiar with Rocky Mount.. but I really want to go back!!
What a model, right?!
Hot mama
This was Super Morgan moment.. I'm pretty sure she would have never done it had she known it would be blogged, but I think it's awesome.
I knew when I captured this that it would probably be my favorite from the day.. love it

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh really..

This post is dedicated to my dear friend, Beth. This month I've had all my friends helping me out at weddings, and as a source of entertainment, I try my best to get in as many of their shots as possible. You'll find me in the background jumping or just doing anything stupid that comes to mind, which in result often leads to some of my shots getting sabotaged as well. Well, me & Beth took some stupid shots which I threatened to blog.. but once I saw one of my stupid shots on Beth's blog, I realized I had to take some action. Too bad she looks so friggin' good in this shot..

Don't get any bright ideas Ashley & Rebecca!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mr & Mrs Warner

Last Saturday 8.2.08 Chad & Zebrina tied the knot. It seems like I just met with them, and talked over all the things ahead of them.. but it happened & it was a beautiful thing to be a part of. They are a very sincere, very aware couple but they also have a fabulous sense of humor.. at least I thought this combo of things on the table was funny - a baby bumbo & Jack Daniels.OK.. this post is full of details because Zebrina put a ton of thought into all her amazing details. I just absolutely adore days that are saturated with personality!! Check out her amazing red shoes
Oh.. Vendor plug!! Here's a picture of Jeff Simpson - one of my favorite DJ's. I HIGHLY recommend him - he's awesome! He was spending some time with Zebrina to make sure she was pleased with all of her ceremony music.. along with the fabulous coordinator - Cara from a Southern Soiree.
More yummy details...
And of course red lips to top it all off!!
Chad & his brother having some hang time in the last single moments of Chad's life
oh man.. This moment. The emotion, the sky - it was all so beautiful.
I thought this was awesome - the rings were passed from the end of the line of bridesmaids & groomsmen down to the center until they reached Chad & Zebrina. How cool is that?!
My best buddy Beth helped me & she was insistent with getting umbrella shots. She knows I am easily distracted, so she kept me centered on getting some awesome shots like these sweetness
This shot means a lot to me, because I know it will mean a lot to them
A little spanking is definitely the best way to end the day :)