Friday, June 27, 2008

Back on track

So, this is me today!! Thank you everyone for your concern, but I am happy 'ol me again!! I was feeling better just reading all the sweet comments, but I've gotten even more encouragement since my angry post!! hahaha!! I felt everyone needed to see me happy again... You even get to see up my nostrils which has to make you feel good too.

And while I'm sharing personal stuff.. I am really CRAZY excited because I have some amazing Evoke things in the works right now. Just buckle up because it is definitely going to be an experience!! I'm so excited for you to be sharing this with me!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mr & Mrs Brame

This past Saturday I went back home to the Henderson area to photograph Jessica & Scott. I love them because they are both so comfortable & so beautiful in front of the camera, and pretty much give me permission to do anything. Love that!! Well, I love them for other reasons too of course! Me & Jessica grew up in the same church and our parents are very close. In fact, my mom helped decorate the reception - it was a family affair. I'm only a couple years older than Jessica, but she was always one of the sweet little girls in the church when I was growing up. I definitely felt some nostalgia... and some oldness being at her wedding.
Another daddy's girl!! As soon as she stood by him for a photo, she broke down. Crazy sweet.
I barely know what to say about these pictures. All I can do is look at them & smile.. they're self explanatory.
They totally smashed each other with cake. Jessica's mom, Ann, worked so incredibly hard to get the big day together. It was a beautiful thing to see her enjoying it & allowing it all to sink in.Ken shot with me again, and he let me borrow his macro lens - Yummy! I am now the proud owner of my very own macro lens. It does yummy things!!Scott is a part of a fraternity at NCSU, and oh yeah.. for some reason brothers have to sing to the new Mrs at weddings.. I was waiting all night for it to happen to Jessica.This is Jerry. He is a party animal. And I have many more images of him similar to this one.
I love my sparkler trick. It's not really "mine", but I still own it baby.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bad day today

So this is me today. This is not normally me. The picture at the top of me would best describe me on most any given day. But today this is me. Ladies.. do you ever have a day like this?? I drove for a total of 4.5 hours today to a shoot that canceled last minute/hour. I am frustrated. And also broke because I had to fill my tank up. I have a load of work sitting on my desk. And I can't take a self portrait to save my life.

But you know what.. I read your comments, I've been reading emails that you ladies have been sending me, and I just have some amazing people in my life.. maybe I just needed 4.5 hours in the car. Because now my spirits are lifted & I do not take any of your kind words for granted at all. My friends, clients that are becoming friends, and really friendly complete strangers have put a bad afternoon into perspective. So maybe today isn't so bad... insert sheepish *thanks* here :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

LaDonna & Randall

Last Friday night I had the pleasure of photographing LaDonna & Randall's wedding. It was a CRAZY hot day, but she had everything so bright & happy it almost felt tropical. She went all out with her decor, and I think by now most everyone knows that I LOVE bright happy colors. She got married at Highgrove in Fuquay Varina, and take a look at how she pimped that reception tent out!!
Yummy, yummy colorific details!
I just like this dress shot. Not much dress, but I like it being such a tease
Here's LaDonna in the friggin' fabulous Bride's Room at the Highgrove. They have re-done the room, and it is just delicious. I posted this image for the sheer love of the room!! Stripes, polka dots, and a chandelier - genius!
LaDonna was a bit behind schedule, and could she have flown down the stairs or ridden the rails, she would have.
Joanna got that sweet show on the left, and look at his sweet sincerity in that right shot!
Would you please look at those ravenous women in the background!! haha!! I think one of them actually fell over trying to grab that bouquet.
The day may have been a bit of a roller coaster for LaDonna - taking it easy, then rushing, and running down that aisle.. but at the end of the day, they were a very happily married couple with the rest of their lives ahead of them.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brandy & Amir

When I started out in photography, I was working at New Image Studio & I spent 4 years photographing weddings for them. This year I took on one wedding for them, and Brandy & Amir are the ones! It felt like one of the hottest weddings ever (well, soon to be blogged was LaDonna & Randall's wedding the day before which felt even hotter than Saturday). It was a beautiful day, and all day I loved seeing all the different details. It was a multi-cultural American/Persian ceremony, and it was a beautiful thing to see two cultures combine.Amir & Brandy both were super calm, and we had tons of time to chill out and not have to stress about getting things done in a hurry.
Well, time was still of the essence!
I loved being able to witness Brandy seeing her husband for the first time on their wedding day.Oh yeah - they definitely needed a little shade Saturday!! Which.. that really wasn't the purpose of the covering!
I quickly figured out that Brandy is a big time daddy's girl. Look at that sweetness!! He may look like a manly man, but those eyes are all moosh!
It was so hot, I almost felt bad just asking them to touch!Did I mention she was a daddy's girl?
OK, so I figured out some awesome things about Indian weddings. First of all, I figured out that the music is out of control AWESOME!! I am a coo coo for salsa music, and it was a lot like it but a little more techno. And when you dance, it's more in your arms than your hips.. and you swing napkins around & whistle a lot. I was really disappointed when the dj switched the music over to hip-hop, and mami likes some hip-hop!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mr & Mrs Fougererousse (OH MY GOSH!!)

Including her new last name, Rebecca's wedding day this past Saturday turned out AMAZING. My buddy Ken helped me and it was a photographer's dream. Rebecca & Tommy were so laid back and they allowed a ton of time for pictures. They both got ready at their homes & when I showed up to Rebecca's house there were shoes everywhere.. I really don't think they would have missed one pair... I LOVE shoes!! I don't have as many as I want.. but there's love in the air.
DELICIOUS!! Right ladies?! Holla if you're a heel freak!!
Accessories everywhere.. oh.. it just gets better & better
I think Rebecca's prettier. Rock it girl!
I have a place in my heart for daddies. Actually.. I'm sure everyone does...
Sacred Heart Cathedral in downtown Raleigh is so gorgeous
This is what happens when you tell a big group "I want to see wild & crazy!"
And this is what happens when that same group witnesses a smooch
It's awesome shooting with Ken because at times he takes over & I finally get to get those side shots
Tommy needed some attention too!
The best man & Rebecca's sister made the toasts - one hilarious & one very touching. This was their touching moment
Rebecca & Tommy have some amazing friends that have followed them all over the US and if they didn't move, they came from all over to be a part of their big day.
Would you PLEEEEZZZZEE check out that baby in the background!! How friggin' funny is that?!
I hope Key West is treating you two well!!