Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mr & Mrs Campo

Yes - I am way behind, but I'm getting there slowly... Saturday September 13th I photographed Erin & BC getting hitched. It was a friggin' perfect day.. the weather was gorgeous and their crowd was awesome. Erin & BC are both very chill, and their whole crowd was the same way.. really, it was a photographer's dream wedding. Erin started off getting ready at the Sheraton downtown Raleigh & her wedding was at the Mordecai - fabulous!!

Just a little hair & makeup...
A little Vera Wang..
Some fellas in downtown.. and a little BC action
This is what happens when you shoot in downtown Raleigh - you see lovebirds out for an afternoon stroll
It's a girl!
Erin's addiction of choice is Hello Kitty & Tinkerbell. I adore how she incorporated the things she loves into her wedding day (apart from BC of course...). Tinkerbell got pinned on the back of her dress.
Let's just talk about Erin's dress here for a moment.. WOW!!
From downtown trolley to the Mordecai in the trolley.. Trolley = Fabulous-er
Amanda grabbed this AWESOME shot as it happened
And this one. This makes Amanda my best friend.
They were supposed to get married in this small chapel, but it didn't work out because there were more people than space. So, of course we had to get it in the pics somehow.
And then there was their first dance - Elvis has entered the building
Hellloooo kitty

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mr & Mrs Kallam

Saturday September 6th Anna & Jay tied the knot.. and it was a beautiful thing. We've already established that I Vote for Anna, but here's why - she's a beautiful person inside & out, and she has a wide range of emotions that she openly shares. And Jay compliments her beautifully with that..

1. Emotion - Pain
2. Happiness
3. Sentimental
4. Married. This could be an emotion right..
OK, here's my FAVORITE shots of the day. Here's where Jay exercises his freedom of expression. When I say "SEXY", you say:
You're welcome Joel. hhee. I love this shot with the Preston Woodall House back there
Daddy dance does it every time
Bling on bling
And here's the part of my show that I like to call "Candid Camera". Everybody gets these shots when I photograph their wedding, but I just felt the need to begin sharing them here
Livin' La Vida Loca
Ewww.. too old for diapers, so not sure what was happening
The Great Escape..
Can't wait to show you the rest you guys!! Thanks for allowing me to capture your big day!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The New Face of Evoke

A couple of weeks ago I photographed Anna's bridal for her big day at the Preston Woodall House which was this past weekend. She is friggin' AMAZING!!! I've already asked her if I can plaster her face all over my new studio, but since she's on her honeymoon right now, I thought I'd take the liberty to plaster her all over the blog too while I prepare to blog her wedding.. tee hee
On top of being gorgeous, kind, and just all around wonderful.. She's funny. I have a lady crush.
Ok people.. hold on to your hats here.. Anna wanted some shots in front of the house where she grew up & even though it had gotten very dark, we started pumping out some amazing stuff
HOLY COW!!! Check out those delicious shoes!!
WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?! She is out of control isn't she?!?!
Her wedding to come next!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mr & Mrs Davis

Saturday August 23rd Brenda & Matt got married at the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill.. and it was fabulous!

Due to a traumatic week, I'm going to keep it simple & just let you absorb these images. Matt & Brenda are a beautiful - crazy couple..

Amanda got this amazing shot from the side
Brenda & her daddy are so close
And Brenda's momma got her groove on too
Congrats you two! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your wedding!