Friday, December 28, 2007

A little skin never hurt

So, if you are getting married, you know that one of the hottest things to do now is a boudoir session. Which after having 2 kids, it's a really good idea to capture your body pre-baby carriage!! I've done them before brides get ready, like the first couple of images, or done some more intimate shots during a private session like the last images. Just because they are boudoir doesn't mean you have to expose it all & it doesn't mean you can't have a fun time with it! Not to mention your husband will really appreciate it!

A website update is on the horizon after my 1.5.08 wedding, so stay tuned for some fresh shots!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Terri & Joe

I photographed such a precious couple this past Saturday. It is my second to last wedding with New Image Studio, and it went so incredibly smooth. The bride had a million formals :(, but it went quickly & we got most of them finished before the ceremony. This has been my complaint on here before - please girls... PLEASE rethink a long formal list!! After getting through her wedding, 100 of her 350 images are formal family shots. I doubt she'll ever use them in her album or do anything with them... and due to having a long list, the creative stuff is cut short. Plus, she spent most of her day in a stiff pose in front of the camera. Enough soap box.. I was able to spend some time with them after the reception which was their photo redemption!! oh.. check out their get away car!! WOWZA!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fortune Cookie

Yesterday I spent the morning with this wonderful couple, Jai & Jessica who are getting married in a couple of weeks at the Preston Woodall House ( ). Jessica & Jai are both in the military & Jessica has just made it in from Japan this past Saturday. They have been dating amidst their difficult situations (and Jai did lots of the wedding work since Jessica was in Japan - WOAH!!). So, I met them for the first time yesterday, and had just an amazing time with them... even though we all suffered through some really friggin' freezing temperatures!! It was so much fun, and they took some really awesome shots. Marsha took the last image here - awesome!! Coming soon - pics in their wedding attire!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Maniac on the Run

So, the Lord just really dropped Marsha in my life at the perfect time. I happened to meet her while I was on a shoot, and since then she's been shooting with me and helping me in so many other ways. She modeled for my ad in this year's "Weddings" magazine, and she knows I've been in quite a slump lately.. so, her & her husband modeled for me over the weekend to try & help me out of my funk. It worked. They are such a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL couple.