Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chad & Zebrina = Amore

This morning I had the pleasure of photographing Chad & Zebrina, who are getting married at the Preston Woodall House in August. I knew the first time I met them that this was going to be AWESOME!! I mean.. normally it takes a little while to warm up in front of the camera, but THESE were some of their very first shots!! WOAH!!

Don't you just want to pinch them here?!?!Their doggie, Belling, is such a complete sweetheart & they wanted him to be in some of their pictures. WOULD YOU PLEEEEZZZEEE look how that doggie hams it up!!Even though Chad is an aspiring lawyer, he is a fou' sou' comedian-Everyone has their pet names, but they refer to one another as turtles. Somehow is must be endearing... at least their little love turtles on the table help romanticize the nicknames!Since I am not "down with it", they introduced me to Rock Band, which seems to be a fabulous couple video game... So guys, if your lady is sick of you playing video games, get this & make her join along!! Not only are they gorgeous, but they are also geniuses. Zebrina graduated from UNC & Chad had to go home to study for the LSAT. Ridiculous... Some people!!oh, on top of that, Chad has super powers.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Donald & Monique

So, yesterday I photographed Donald & Monique's engagement session... and I entered into a little scared. REPEATEDLY they told me that they are very un-photogenic, and I would be lucky to get a couple of decent shots. Sure, I took it as a challenge, but I was expecting something completely different from the reality of the matter! They are both beautiful people, and I mean REALLY - do these two look anything other than photogenic?!?! They had me rolling around laughing all afternoon, and I came home super pumped about how awesome their images turned out!!

Getting them warmed up...
Check out that rock!
Check out some cool new lighting!!
Officially warmed up
Hard core models at this point

One thing they both mentioned were the numerous trips to the mall that they make together... well, trips that Donald is dragged into!!
Sizzling hot super models by the end!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shelby *Heart* Eric Forever

So, the day didn't start out too beautiful weather wise, but inside things were gorgeous. Shelby & Eric got ready at the Preston Woodall House, got married at the Methodist church in front of the house, and then partied HARD back at the house. They are so wonderful together, and they just have a strong spark that makes you want to watch. Despite the rain at the start of the day, everything was so smooth & sweet. Thanks to my buddy Beth Jarvah for helping me out yesterday!!

She SAID she was very un-sure about being in front of the camera.. OH PLEASE!! Check out this hottie!!
Some of the best moments happen when you least expect it... I was setting up to leave when they started practicing their big dance.
OH MY GOSH!! Just look at their faces! They are so sincere!
And the big dance...
And one incredibly hilarious speech
And one incredibly amazing ring. It was so heavy, I put it on the left "talon" thing first & the talon broke off. Well, maybe not that heavy, but I don't even think this picture justifies the millions of diamonds that are in those rings.
Sexy. nuff said.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Go With the Flow!!

Ok ladies!! I am building up my boudior portfolio so I wanted to see if any other ladies are interested in some boudior photography. I am offering a 1 -1.5 hour shoot at $150 which includes the session, the editing of all images, & the high resolotion cd with reprint permission. I am doing one shoot at the 5 Star Hotel Umstead on Sunday afternoon June 22nd or the Duke Mansion in Charlotte on Saturday May 10th. There are several slots still open, the cost of the hotel (and travel to Charlotte) would be split between all ladies involved. Email me if you are interested!

Also, my lab is offering some beautiful, very cost effective albums that you could give to your fiance or husband as a sexy gift!! Yummy!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hot Spots

I am the luckiest photographer ALIVE!! I have had such an amazing weekend. Between Billie & Billy's wedding yesterday, and such an incredible engagement session today - WOW! Thank you!! Today I spent most of the afternoon with Karen & Chad. They remind me so much of me & my husband... well, with MAD dancing talent!! They entertained me all afternoon. As you may can tell, they are professional dancers - they actually own All About Ballroom off exit 312 in Garner. If you want to learn some ballroom, salsa, etc... I am a firm believer that these two can teach it to you!!
I LOVE the vulnerable intensity she has in her eyes here - the pull, the push!! ohh!! Mami loves the Dancing!!
And they're crazy - you know I love that!!
Would you PLEASE look at the air Chad got here!! WHAT?!?!
yum. tasty.

Monkeys can't do this baby-
They are also wine professionals. tee hee.
There are so many more incredible shots of them... but you'll have to wait until 8.8.08 to see their big day at the Preston Woodall House!

B&B Bringin' It Back

Turns out Billie & Billy lined up the weather perfectly for their wedding this past Saturday! It wasn't until they were off to their cruise that is started pouring down raining. It was such an incredibly beautiful day... and I mean, just precious. Billie is such a sincere person, and Billy is so - right. Just right for each other. Billy really takes care of Billie, and it's just a beautiful thing they have.

Look at those eyes!! Holy Smokes!!
Ok, so some weren't as impressed as others
If you haven't eaten at the Tavola Rossa yet (behind Crabtree), it was really tasty!
I had absolutely no NO warning... This is how the first dance started. To some mooshy country song
AND THEN!! Then they friggin' BROKE IT OUT!! All they needed were some back up dancers!! hahaa!! It was awesome!
Marsha always knows what shots are important:
This is just tooo sweet!! Since I have two boys, I can only imagine the sentimentality of your son taking on a new life. Awww...
Of course the umbrellas made their appearance!! It was a rainy day... What kind of photographer do you think I am?!?