Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NYC or Bust

Tomorrow I head out for NYC for an engagement session on Saturday, and I am running around like a CRAZY person. October has just about killed me, but when I get back, I promise you will see all I've been up to. For instance.. this past Friday I had 2 engagements, Saturday a bridal, Sunday an engagement, and 2 mini engagement sessions at the fair last night... and it seems all of October has been this way for me. I love the constant shooting - crave it. But it leaves little room for the intensity of post production. SO - THANK YOU to all of you that have been so patient & understanding. November will be my month of rehab, and more.. Lots of exciting things are headed Evoke's way.

Thank you Rebecca for getting me in action so all can see what I've been doing all month long!
My angle:
Wish this little country girl luck in nyc!!

I'll be returning all emails & phone calls as soon as I get back next week! THANKS!!


Ashley and David said...

i like it when you shoot barefoot. you're so hard core like that.

studio 310 said...

ooooo, this looks awesome. have a great time on your trip.