Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm Back!

I am back & ready to make this thang happen. This will probably be the last post for a week or so.. maybe.. maybe 1 more.. And then.. well.. Just check back in a day or two. You just don't even know.. I know, but wow.. it's just wonderful things. Soon both my website & blog will be replaced.. I just cannot even.. wow.. it's going to be something wonderful!!

Visions of me in NYC can float around in your head before the big Evoke bang happens.

And before you ask yourself - is that green jacket the only thing she owns?! No.. I just really love it. So get over it.. It's not the last time you'll see either. Me & my friend Jenn really mastered NYC.
Photo Op - Oh yeah. I'm there. Afterwards I pimped some ho's. Check out that delicious coat. haha..
Check back soon.. you don't want to wait too long.


the.indie.image said...

that first pic of you really makes me want that Michelob Ultra behind you. Looks as if you enjoyed a few yourself. haha just kidding. Who likes Mich Ultra anyway? And yes, I had begun to think that was your only jacket. I am glad you addressed my concerns. Looks like you had fun and I am glad you made it back safe!!

Ashley and David said...

i cannot control my excitement! let us see the nyc shoot! let us finally see the long awaited AMAZINGNESS of your new site!!!!!!

Jo said...


Erin said...

April, you look AMAZING in the newest entry...I adore you :-)
I'm SOOOOoo looking forward to what you have up your sleeve!
Can't wait to see more and to get b-pics. in the future!
Love the pics., you're SO AMAZING!

ChErRynEsS said...

you are a great photographer th0~
i love all your pictures..
i love photography too but i'm still new.. neway can't wait to see your up coming pictures..

studio 310 said...

soooo excited about seeing your new site. yea. great ny photos. i'm looking forward to seeing the shoot you did when you were there too.