Friday, October 17, 2008

Alex is a Senior!!

Ok... so daily blogging really hasn't work out too well for me. I'm still plugging along though & there might be 18 posts this weekend.. you just never know.

A couple of weeks ago I met Alex & her mom over at Pullen Park & we yanked out some amazing images. I love getting all of these redheads!! Alex is so beautiful & she was a lot of fun.. not to mention I love the fact that she gave me so much to work with - happy, serious, fun, moody.. Love it!! And uh.. check out her delicious heels.
Color, color & more color!!
Heels in a tree - so wrong, but so right
Work it
How cute is this?!
Alex is a cheerleader for a serious team called the Shockers..
And this would explain the shocker part of the name:
It doesn't look it, but somehow she landed on her feet. You're awesome chica!!


studio 310 said...

so much fun!! i love how yall rocked out that picnic table. great work.

Ruth said...

Great shots! I want her blue shirt. :)

Ashley and David said...

once again... i wish that i did not do the usual senior portrait package at prestige... and i wish you were around then to shoot me.

sigh. where have you been all my life?